Blepharoplasty: A comprehensive guide with Mr. Matt Erdmann

Blepharoplasty, often referred to as eyelid surgery, stands at the forefront of cosmetic procedures that offer a solution to the inevitable signs of aging around our eyes. Over time, the delicate skin of our eyelids can lose its elasticity, leading to drooping, the formation of wrinkles, and a tired appearance that can mask the vibrancy within. These changes not only affect one’s aesthetic appeal but can also impact one’s self-esteem and the way they interact with the world. Enter Mr. Matt Erdmann, a distinguished plastic surgeon from Washington, UK, who has dedicated his career to mastering the art and science of Blepharoplasty. With a deep understanding of facial anatomy and a meticulous approach, Mr. Erdmann ensures that each procedure is tailored to the individual, addressing their unique concerns and aspirations. His commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction means that those who choose his clinic are not just opting for a physical transformation but are also investing in a renewed sense of confidence and self-assuredness.

Types of Blepharoplasty

There are primarily two types of Blepharoplasty:

Upper eyelid surgery:

Targets drooping or overhanging upper eyelids, removing excess skin and fat.

Lower eyelid surgery:

Focuses on bags under the eyes, removing or repositioning excess fat and skin for a refreshed look.

Am I a good candidate for Blepharoplasty?

Ideal candidates for Blepharoplasty are individuals who:
  • Experience sagging or drooping eyelids.
  • Have bags or puffiness under the eyes.
  • Are in good general health and have realistic expectations.

What results can I realistically expect with a Blepharoplasty?


Youthful appearance:

The procedure effectively addresses signs of aging, reducing wrinkles and sagging, which results in a more youthful and revitalized look.

Reduced eye bags:

One of the primary benefits is the significant reduction or elimination of bags under the eyes, often a telltale sign of fatigue or aging.


Enhanced eye shape:

By removing excess skin and fat, the eyes often appear larger and more defined, contributing to a more alert and engaging appearance.

Improved vision:

For some, drooping eyelids can impair their peripheral vision. Post-blepharoplasty, this obstruction can be alleviated, leading to improved visual fields.

Smoother skin:

The procedure can lead to smoother skin around the eyes, eliminating or reducing the appearance of crow’s feet and other fine lines.

Long-lasting results:

While no cosmetic procedure can halt the aging process, the results of a Blepharoplasty are long-lasting. Many patients enjoy the benefits for years.

Procedure details:


Pre-surgery consultations and preparation:

During your consultation with Mr. Erdmann, he will discuss your medical history, evaluate your eyelids, and understand your expectations. This step ensures that the procedure is tailored to your unique needs.

The surgical process:

Under general anaesthetic, incisions are made along the natural creases of the eyelids, ensuring minimal visible scarring. Excess skin, muscle, and fat are then addressed based on the patient’s requirements.

Duration and post-surgery care:

The surgery typically lasts 1-2 hours. Post-surgery, patients may experience some swelling and bruising. Mr. Erdmann will provide guidance on post-operative care, including the application of eye drops and antibiotic ointment to prevent infections.

How much will the Blepharoplasty procedure cost?

The cost of the Blepharoplasty procedure varies based on individual needs. At Mr. Erdmann’s clinic, we understand the significance of this investment in your well-being. Hence, we offer flexible payment plans spread over 3 years to ensure the procedure is accessible to all.

Why Mr. Erdmann’s clinic is the best option for your Blepharoplasty procedure?

Choosing Mr. Erdmann’s clinic for your Blepharoplasty ensures you’re in the hands of an expert. With years of experience, a keen eye for aesthetics, and a deep understanding of facial anatomy, Mr. Erdmann ensures precision, safety, and results that resonate with your desires. Our state-of-the-art clinic in Washington, UK, provides a comfortable and confidential environment, making your journey to rejuvenated eyes a pleasant experience.
Call 0191 4151272 today and reveal your best self with the mastery of Mr. Matt Erdmann!


Is the procedure painful?

Long acting local anesthetic will be used to numb the surgical areas for up to 12 hours after surgery

What is my hospital stay?

Either a daycase or one night stay. This is useful in case of wound leakage or patient discomfort, which the nursing staff can address immediately. Also any queries or anxieties regarding the surgery can be answered as you recover from the anesthesia.

Can I have local anesthetic only?

Yes, this is your preference.

When can I return to work?

Once the wounds have healed, usually round 5 days

When can I drive?

Once the wounds have healed, at around 5 days

When can I return to exercise?

Between 4- 6 weeks depending on the type of exercise.