Crisalix 3D Simulation: Visualize your aesthetic transformation

In the dynamic realm of aesthetic medicine, staying at the forefront of technology is not just a luxury, but a necessity. Enter Crisalix: a groundbreaking tool that’s reshaping the way patients and surgeons interact, plan, and envision cosmetic procedures. At its core, Crisalix offers a bridge between anticipation and reality, allowing patients to visualize potential outcomes before committing to a procedure. This not only demystifies the surgical journey but also empowers patients with a clearer understanding of their choices.

Mr. Matt Erdmann, a renowned figure in the world of plastic and reconstructive surgery, has integrated Crisalix into his practice, recognizing its unparalleled value. For patients, this means benefiting from a tool that offers a personalized, immersive, and informed consultation experience. With Crisalix, the future of aesthetic transformations is not left to imagination alone; it’s visualized, discussed, and tailored to individual aspirations.

Benefits of using Crisalix


Informed decision making:

One of the primary concerns for many considering aesthetic procedures is the uncertainty of the outcome. With Crisalix, this ambiguity is addressed head-on. The tool allows you to see potential results, offering a virtual glimpse into the future. This visualization aids in setting realistic expectations and ensures that you’re making a decision based on a clearer understanding of potential outcomes.

Personalized experience:

No two individuals are the same, and neither are their aesthetic goals. Crisalix understands this principle, offering a platform that tailors procedures based on visualized outcomes. This means that the procedure you opt for is not based on generic results but is personalized to your unique anatomy and desired results


Enhanced consultation:

The consultation process with Mr. Erdmann is elevated with the integration of Crisalix. Instead of relying solely on verbal descriptions, you can discuss potential outcomes using visual aids. This ensures that both you and Mr. Erdmann are on the same page, fostering a deeper understanding and alignment of goals. The result? A consultation process that is comprehensive, clear, and collaborative.

How Crisalix Works: From scanning to visualization

Embarking on a transformative aesthetic journey requires clarity, and Crisalix is designed to provide just that. This state-of-the-art tool offers a seamless process, bridging the gap between what is and what could be. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how Crisalix brings your envisioned results to virtual life:

Initial scanning:

The process begins with a non-invasive 3D scan of the area you’re considering for a procedure. This scan captures detailed images, ensuring a comprehensive base for the upcoming simulation.

Uploading to the Crisalix platform:

Once the scan is complete, the images are uploaded to the Crisalix platform. This cloud-based system ensures data security while providing the computational power needed for the next steps.

Simulation creation:

Using advanced algorithms and a vast database of previous procedures, Crisalix creates a realistic simulation of the potential post-procedure outcome. This isn’t a generic projection but a tailored visualization based on your unique anatomy.

Review & adjustments:

Once the initial simulation is ready, you can review the results with Mr. Erdmann. This collaborative step allows for adjustments based on your feedback, ensuring the visualized outcome aligns with your aspirations.

Comparison views:

Crisalix offers a side-by-side view, allowing you to compare the current state with the simulated outcome. This comparative perspective provides a clearer understanding of the potential transformation.

Final visualization & discussion:

With the refined simulation in place, you and Mr. Erdmann can have an in-depth discussion about the procedure, potential results, and any concerns or questions you might have.

Mr. Matt Erdmann’s
expertise with Crisalix

Renowned for his commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Mr. Matt Erdmann has seamlessly integrated Crisalix into his practice, enhancing the consultation experience for his patients. His adept use of this cutting-edge tool, combined with any specialized training or certifications he’s acquired, underscores his dedication to providing the most advanced and informed care. Through Crisalix, Mr. Erdmann has observed tangible benefits in his practice, including clearer patient-surgeon communication, aligned expectations, and heightened patient confidence in their procedural choices.

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